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KINGDOM OF JOY: The Sovereign Returns Home


UPCOMING DATES - Date to be announced​


LEVEL 3 - Kingdom of Joy 


Every great tale has a beginning, a middle and an end. Every man has his own story which he has been destined to write.

If you are considering this retreat you have already embarked on your own hero’s journey, and have begun to transition from the psychology of a boy, to arriving on your throne as King. 

This is no small feat. This is an epic story. There have been great challenges, the meeting of buried shadow, the screams of anger and tears of grief. And therefore, it would only make sense for you to ask:  “What am I doing this for?”

And an answer that seems fitting is: “To live a life that is filled with joy”. 

The gateway emotion to the energy of the King is joy, and yet somehow, this fundamental key to life can be missed, as if it is always just out of sight, unable to be truly grasped for more than a few fleeting moments. Time and money is traded, family and friends put to one side, in the hope that one day JOY may appear, as a long lost friend that will never leave. Sadly this is often not the case.

Many men (and perhaps you are one of them) are beginning to wake to this fact, that joy is often missing from their lives. So some decide to embark on a journey of self-discovery. They meet with their darkness, limitations and conditioning, and they do the work and slay their demons... But somehow, in all of the healing, the joy can still remain hidden. 

‘A man can become so busy slaying his shadows in the night, that he misses the joyous dawning of the day’ 


The Unmasked Man believes that there is an epidemic of men swimming in a sea of pressure, responsibility and repressed emotion, that have forgotten the art of joyful, playful, spontaneous living. Imagine in Lord of the Rings after Frodo’s quest, he never returned to the shire, and instead stayed in the land of Mordor. One may question why he embarked on such a journey in the first place.

So we offer the same question to you: Do you deserve to celebrate your life and live joyfully each day?. We hope your heart would say yes! Because we believe you have had enough pain and suffering, and it's time to create the life you deserve. 


So this Level 3 retreat has been created to reawaken the joy that lives inside each of us, and support the re-membering of what it is like to play, connect and be truly happy. There is an opportunity to deepen friendships that may last for life, and to start putting joy higher up on your list of importance.


Joy, once activated, is a tidal wave that can wash through your life and every area will be nourished. To have a brotherhood that is built on a foundation of depth, as you have metaphorically ´gone to war together´, (just remember your brothers in the gauntlet) but also is incredibly playful, akin to boyhood days exploring in the forest with your mates, then you have a key to a joyous life.


  • Celebration and Play


There is good reason to celebrate! We have been through so much together! So let's make music with instruments around the fire and share poems and song. There will be ecstatic dance workshops, and the opportunity to move your body to great music in an open and supportive environment.

Healthy competition will be introduced, where we lift each other up with encouragement, and work in teams. The indoor pool, forest and outdoor areas will be made full use of. 


  • Ritual, Ceremony and Creativity


There will be ceremonial spaces created, where we can drop deep into the joy of connecting with the more spiritual aspect of life. Cacao will be used ceremonially to open up our hearts and allow us to feel a sense of euphoria, love and a myriad of emotions that may arise. 


  • Manifestation and Abundance


One of the keys to successful manifestation is to match your vibration with that wish you to attract. So if you want more joy in your life, it's about teaching your body to feel joy in the now, as if it's already happened. When we raise our energy and combine this heightened state of arousal with a strong intention and visualisation we are capable of creating magic in our lives. 


“Meditation takes us from survival to creation; from separation to connection; from imbalance to balance; from emergency mode to growth-and-repair mode; and from the limiting emotions of fear, anger, and sadness to the expansive emotions of joy, freedom, and love.” Dr Joe Dispenza.


There are many programmes running in society that give the impression that men must live in scarcity and in competition. A large percentage of men are becoming increasingly isolated in the Western world, and don't have an abundance of friendship, money, adventure, opportunity, material possessions and free time. The Unmasked Man believes in shifting this paradigm and creating opportunities for men to live their lives to the fullest. There is an opportunity on this retreat to collectively manifest and support each other in bringing our dreams to life.


  • Expression and Authenticity


Have you been encouraged to express yourself in the way that you would have liked during your life? Did teachers or parents seek to support your individuality? For many men the answer is sadly no. To express yourself openly and authentically are qualities of the King archetype, and necessary if a man wishes to live a life of liberation.

At this retreat self-expression will be praised and applauded. It is incredibly healing to be vulnerable to other men, and show parts of yourself you may not normally in everyday life, and be received with love and acceptance. 

There will be a cabaret where men are invited to create a performance piece by themselves or with other men, share poetry and/or music or anything they wish to bring.

This is about leaning into your edge, feeling any fear, and taking courageous steps into your power. 


What you will receive:


  • A well deserved journey of joy, celebration, expression and connection

  • The opportunity to dive into your heart and leave the watch and phone behind

  • 4 Days, 3 nights accommodation (3pm Opening Thursday afternoon. 4pm closing Sunday afternoon)

  • Delicious meals each day, including locally sourced organic meat

  • Shared accommodation in a luxury retreat centre 

  • Meditation, breath-work & movement 

  • Tools to harness and embody your archetypes, which will support you in everyday life

  • A follow up zoom group check-in call

  • A beautiful connection with nature in the Dorset countryside

  • Daily ice baths

  • Hot tub, infrared sauna, indoor swimming pool & fire pit

  • Bath and hand towels are provided, we ask guests to provide their own pool towels

  • All matts and bolsters provided​

LVL 3 - Kingdom of Joy. Dorset.

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