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The Unmasked Man believes in the importance of a commitment and an allegiance to a path that inspires, encourages and motivates all men to walk courageously towards integrating the King within. 


Un masking the man, and crowning the heart centred King, 

integrating the wounded boy and with courage we bring - 

our vulnerability, tears and sacred rage,

freeing ourselves from the conditioned cage. 

We honour the earth beneath our feet, 

the air that we breathe, flame and fire 

and the wild rivers that wind to the sea. 

Archetypes align in the minds of heart centred leaders, 

believers in a new way for men to feel and heal 

and not hide their pain, there is another way!

To the divine feminine we bow, sewing seeds of integrity, truth and presence

To grow into the mightiest of trees, unshakable together we stand, 

rising like sun and star, remembering…


We are perfectly imperfect, just as we are.



Heart-Centred Leaders 


The Unmasked Man believes in empowering men to step fully into their leadership with an open, undefended heart. We believe all men have the seed of leadership growing inside, but due to the potential negative influence of oppressive and undermining family, societal and social structures, this seed may not have flourished fully. We believe in creating powerful and supportive conditions for a man to truly embody his full potential and become a leader in his own life and in the world. 


Vulnerability is Courage 


The Unmasked Man believes that by men showing their scars, speaking the seemingly unspeakable truth and removing their conditioned masks, they are being truly courageous. A man’s emotions are sacred and deserve to be honoured. The Unmasked Man believes in building bridges of vulnerable connection, instead of walls of competition and separation. 




The Unmasked Man believes that the path to healing, growth and transformation is best achieved through sharing the wealth of resources and information available to the modern day man. From archetypal dynamics and shadow work to childhood trauma and sacred sexuality, there are a plethora of subjects that The Unmasked Man incorporates into its offerings to best support the men of its community.


Reparenting the Inner Child


The Unmasked Man believes that every man has an inner child, which often needs to be fully recognised, and integrated in a healthy loving way. A man’s unconscious psyche does not understand the concept of time, therefore survival mechanisms in response to childhood trauma can still control how a man relates to his world today. If this trauma is not healed and integrated a man may continuously act from an immature and childlike place and not step fully into his power as a man. The Unmasked Man paves a path of re-parenting, where a man can step from the victimhood of boy psychology into the empowered,

healthy King energy of the man. 


Integrity and Accountability 


The Unmasked Man believes in men leading their life with an unshakable foundation of morality and integrity. To foster and uphold this ideal The Unmasked Man seeks to forge friendship and brotherhood; built upon honest communication. So, if a man is believed to be out of integrity, it can be raised in a loving and supportive way. This creates accountability as a man can rely on his brothers to lift him up in times of celebration but also call him out in the times he may wander from the path. 


Inclusion of All Men


The Unmasked Man believes that all people are born equal. The Unmasked Man does not seek to discriminate on the grounds of age, race, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic status. The Unmasked Man acknowledges the corrupt and unjust systems that have caused the separation of people and seeks to create unity, by deepening the understanding of unconscious bias, cultural misappropriation and patriarchal dominance.

Please contact us here for a bursary position.

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