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Starting 14th October 2024

An 8-month, multi-layered training program to support any man on his journey towards becoming a men’s work facilitator. This course will include a 5-day in-person facilitation training, a 12-week online teaching container followed by an additional 3-day in-person teaching, a 3-month online business mastermind accountability group, and a 3-day in-person graduation ceremony.




5 Day in-person intensive Facilitator Training retreat

(Starts 14th-18th October 2024)


12 Week online group Training 

Continues from October 2024 for 12 weeks

3 Day in-person intensive Facilitator Training continued

(March 7-9th 2025)

3 month Business & Accountability container 

Continues end of March 2025 for 3 months

3 Day in-person graduation and completion retreat

(6-8th June 2025) Following our 3 month accountability container we will conclude with a

weekend graduation & certification


There is a men’s mental health crisis, 78% of suicides in the U.K. are by men. Old conditioned beliefs that men can’t cry, feel or show their emotion has contributed to many men feeling depressed and lost in the world. They often bury their emotions deep down, and turn their pain on themselves. This has led to alcohol addiction, drugs and self abuse. Men are walking time bombs lost in an uninitiated world that is not supporting them. A lack of fathers, healthy elder energy has contributed to this crisis. 


Henry Thoreau’s quote “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation” points to an unsettling truth in today's world. By becoming a men’s work facilitator there is the opportunity to support men in turning their life around and finding true connection and healing. There are numerous ways this can be done, for example by holding online or in-person circles in your community, workshops at festivals and residential or day retreats.

"The best leaders create a fire so bright it illuminates the path for others to follow, and then when the moment comes, they drift like smoke into the distance so another leader may emerge".

Mitchell Campbell - Thomas &

Alexander Cottle



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Being a good facilitator is a delicate dance between strength and softness; often silence can be more impactful than words. A good facilitator knows when to offer support, and also knows when to allow a man to champion his own process, developing a strong sense of empowerment.

He can speak confidently in public and knows how to project his voice. He also knows how to communicate effectively and read the energy of the room/individuals knowing what to say and when. 


A good facilitator develops his capacity to expose himself to challenging situations, such as delivering a successful workshop to a group of men. He has an intimate relationship with the nature of his own shadow and projections, so that he does not negatively influence the space. He is able to leave the unhealthy parts of his ego at the door and is in full service to the men he is supporting.


A good facilitator has a strong connection with his intuition, and he can feel into what is best for an individual or the group. He is also confident enough to go “off-piste”, leading with his heart instead of what his mind thinks he should say (e.g. extends the sharing circle and doesn’t speed it up/cut it short because the schedule says so).


He has practices in place that support the regulation of his nervous system; as he may be faced with challenging situations, which will require him to remain centred and in alignment to uphold the integrity of the container.


A good facilitator walks the path of a humble student, aspiring to always deepen his knowledge and hone his craft. Most importantly of all, it is crucial that he does not see himself as above any man he is facilitating.


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There is a growing demand in our society for male role models that embody healthy masculine virtues. The Unmasked Man have created this facilitator training programme to support men in not only embodying these teachings, but also learning how to support other men on their journeys of healing, growth and transformation.

For some men it may feel enough to attend retreats as a participant and not even think to step forward into a place of leadership within the men’s work arena. For other men, there can be a burning desire to lead and assist in a similar process that has been so revolutionary in their lives.

The Unmasked Man holds a vision that men’s work will continue to sweep through the world, akin to the movements of meditation, cold water therapy and yoga. It is possible that men’s work is on a precipice, ready to erupt on to the world stage. If there was ever a time that this work is needed, it is now! There are men, and perhaps you are one of them, that are inspired to be leaders on that journey. 


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This training is designed to show men how to step up and lead. There are many layers, nuances and intricacies in creating an environment where men feel safe enough to go deeply into their process. 


On this journey you will be given an opportunity to expand your awareness, sharpen skills already acquired, and receive fresh wisdom.


The Unmasked Man understands that we build up barriers of protection around our wounds; we often refer to this mechanism of protection as our Safety Officer. We believe that as facilitators embodying the energy of the Lover, we can drop into an open, heart-centred place to best support a man trying to connect with his grief, sadness, anger or repressed trauma. 


This new level of expertise will include theoretical and practical ways to not only embody certain key principles within men’s work, but also, how best to deliver them.


Upon completion, you will receive The Unmasked Man Facilitator Training certificate and the possible opportunity to come support us on our retreats, workshops and other community offerings.



The in-person training will take the form of a five day intimate immersion. We will explore certain topics, including sharing circle dynamics, emotional process work, and how to effectively read the room and pick up on subtle cues.


There are many layers to successfully create a container that is profoundly transformative, well-organised and professional. We will explore how to effectively awaken a man’s senses through the subtle management of lighting, smell, music, texture and taste. For example, a certain song used at the right moment can connect a man to his heart, and allow him to experience deep healing.




These weekly sessions will serve as an additional educational container following on from the 5 day immersion. We will have the opportunity to deepen the work together, allowing space for integrating and practising techniques, and offering reflections back to the group.

There will be weekly self-study activities, call to actions, and examinations on the contents of the course*.

*Please note, you have to at minimum, achieve a pass rat
e to receive the certification of completion for this facilitator training. Please note we will take a short break over the festive period.


The three-day continued in-person immersion is designed to provide participants with additional hands-on experience in learning how to facilitate a man and guide him intuitively through his emotions. Following on from our five day immersion we will continue to delve deeper into the practical aspects of facilitation.


After the 12-week container and our second in-person event, we will meet every month for three months to continue the momentum of integration from the course. Coupled with the intention of really potentialising the depth of integration, we will be creating conversations akin to a think-tank whereby we can all share ideas on how best to grow and develop as facilitators including ways to promote or market your project, themes for online circles, how best to engage with your target audience. 


We will also be inviting guest speakers to speak about their area of expertise offering wisdom and guidance of how best to incorporate that particular modality into your practice.


This 3-month group will also serve as an accountability support group, whereby any intentions set by yourself, can be shared in the group and you will have the opportunity to be held accountable in a kind and loving way by the brothers who want the best for you.


This is an opportunity to call in the tribe of newly initiated facilitators to feast, celebrate and support each other in the next steps of our individual and collective paths.


“Inspiration flows from the mountain of our mind, into the the ocean of our heart; 

there is only to gather, and receive”. Mitchell Campbell-Thomas


We are here to lift each other up and bless each man for the amazing work that has been completed on the journey.

We will stay together in a beautiful village hall nestled in the dartmoor countryside. Walks to ancient stone circles where initiations and rites of passage will take place, will create a grounded and profound completion to the container. Fire, music, song and delicious co-created feasts will bring nourishing brotherhood and connection.


Strangers we began and life long friends we have become…

Let's celebrate this gift and rejoice in your certification.

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5 - day training immersion (14th-18th Oct 2024)

  • All food and accommodation

  • Practical and theory-based training sessions:

    • How to embody and teach the different archetypal energies 

    • Archetypal Dynamics and their shadows

    • Practical interactive workshops to practise your techniques 

    • Boy to Man Psychology

    • Understanding Parental Wounds 

    • Clearing energy from yourself and the space

    • Setting the container

    • Dealing with Trauma

    • Big T & Little T Trauma

    • The nervous system and the window of tolerance 

    • Reading a man in his process

    • Practise workshops that you will lead

    • How to teach and heal from an open, heart-centred place 

    • Re-parenting Techniques and inner child work

    • Signposting and bracketing

    • Safe gaurding - The importance of integration & self care 

    • Syllabus handbook

    • Accompanying videos


12-week online group training container - focusing on deepening our knowledge

  • 2.5hr weekly online group zoom call (12 calls total)

  • Weekly homework manuals

  • Weekly homework tests/study requirements (participants must achieve a pass mark to receive certification)

  • Call to action and weekly task setting and questions

  • Question & answer time

  • Goal-oriented integration support

  • Digital marketing and social media promotion

  • Weekly WhatsApp support group


3 - Day in-person Training continued (7th-9th Mar 2025)

  • 3 days and 2 nights accommodation 

  • Practical and theory-based training sessions

  • A deeper dive into the art of facilitation guiding men through the work


3-month business mastermind accountability group

  • 2.5hr monthly online group zoom call (3 calls total)

  • Accountability sessions helping you achieve your goals within men´s work

  • Helping channel Warrior Energy to ignite the next part of your journey

  • Guest speakers discussing area of expertise in social media, marketing, business and strategy

  • Creating a think-tank of inspiring ideas of best to apply your new skills

  • Continuing the powerful energy built on the retreat for many months allowing for a greater depth of learning and embodiment

  • Support from your fellow brothers on turning practice into mastery

  • Support about creating workshop ideas and developing your own style

  • Staying in integrity as a leader


3 - Day in-person graduation & celebration (6th-8th Jun 2025)

  • 3 days and 2 nights accommodation 

  • Initiation and rite of passage ceremony for the completion of the Training


Printed training manuals, including

  • Reading List

  • Access to digital resources including:

    • Branded Social Media Template Posts (quotes/diagrams etc)

    • Educational Resources

    • Questionnaires 

    • Accountability Scripts

  • The Unmasked Man Facilitator Training certificate 

  • The Unmasked Man Merchandise Pack (e.g. t-shirt, vest, hoody and stickers etc)

  • Connection with a growing global network of men

  • Opportunity to gain further in person hours by staffing on future retreats (Subject to availability)


  • Current facilitators

  • Future facilitators

  • Fathers, sons

  • Managers, coaches and leaders among men

  • Men that want to change the world and share this important work from their heart


The journey begins 14th October 2024


  • 5 Day in person intensive Facilitator Training (Starts 14th-18th October 2024)

  • 12 Week online group Training - Weekly availability required for 2.5hr for our group training call. This will run from October 2024 for 8 weeks

  • 3 Day intensive (7-9th March 2025)

  • 3 month Business & Accountability container - Monthly availability required for 2.5hr for our business group mastermind and accountability call. This will run from the end of March 2025 for 3 months.

  • 3 Day graduation & certification ceremony (6-8th June 2025)

*Please note - Group online call times will be confirmed once the container is complete. We will accommodate a time to suit all.

*This training is limited to 14 men only




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Single payment.

Pay in full





    12 Monthly payments of £425 totalling £5,100

*Price includes the 5 day immersion (food and accommodation included), 12-week online training group, 3 day midway facilitation immersion, 3-month online business mastermind and accountability group and 3 day graduation ceremony

*Upon choosing your payment option above and booking

a team member will be in contact.

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