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UPCOMING DATES - FEB 28 - 3 March 2024




Men. Are you looking for change in your life?


Tired of the old patterns that keep you trapped in a life that doesn't truly inspire or fulfill you?


Brothers, the energy of the King lies within us all. It is vibrant, powerful and fully connected to life. The healthy integrated archetype of the King allows us to move with the flow of life, guided by a purpose that nourishes the deepest parts of ourselves. 

Through the complex journey of life this energy can be lost beneath pain, trauma, addiction, fear and a feeling of not being good enough. 

However, it may be lost but it is NOT gone. 

This retreat has been intricately designed to facilitate the reclaiming of the King energy, so that you as a man in this challenging world can create the life that you want; the life that you deserve. 

We have seen time after time that the work we offer completely changes peoples’ lives, and we feel nourished beyond words when this happens, knowing we are fulfilling our deepest purpose. 

Is there anything better than to see a man find themselves and feel like they are re-born in a life that feels connecting, alive, and full of feeling?

Standing as a radiant man in this power will bring you the relationships you want with friends, partners, colleagues and complete strangers. Everyone will feel the newly-found the truth that emanates from you. 

Weaving ancient yogic, meditative practices with a more Jungian psychoanalytical approach developed from Mitchell and Alexander’s time spent in India, Asia and Europe will enable you to experience a depth of self discovery that is thorough and expansive. 

Each day we will explore one of the four masculine archetypes - Lover, Warrior, Magician and King - and how they and their opposing shadows can influence our lives. This gives a solid structure to the retreat which supports us to go on an evolving journey. 

Sharing circles will allow us to drop deeper into a place of authenticity; finding that giving words to what we are feeling inside, and being heard by other men, can be transformational.

We will have emotional release workshops, providing an opportunity, if you wish, to let go of anything you’ve been carrying in a safe space.   

We will guide you through Wim Hof inspired breathing and ice water exposure.  This is scientifically shown to help heal the body in myriad of ways including reducing stress, anxiety, feelings of depression and connects you to your power. 

There will also be time for relaxation and connection with your fellow brothers whilst enjoying the hot tub, sauna, indoor swimming pool, forest walks, fire, drumming, beautiful food and more.


Alexander and Mitchell are dear friends and love nothing more in life than to share their hearts, wisdom, creativity and passion for this work with other men. 

Do you hear the call? 







  • Men who are ready to realise who they are beyond the conditioning of society, parents, friends and self imposed limiting beliefs. 


  • Men who have a deep desire to approach life with an open, undefended heart. 


  • Men who feel stuck, stagnant and longing to live a more fulfilling life in alignment with their deepest gifts and purpose. 


  • Men who have had enough of seeing how immature toxic masculinity has created so much pain and confusion in the world, and are looking to shift that paradigm by healing themselves first. 


  • Men that want to have an adventure away from the busyness of the 9-5 life and enjoy the freedom and space of the Devonshire countryside. 


  • Men that want to feel at peace, and at ease within themselves, leading to more authentic relationships with everyone around them. 


  • Men that want to learn techniques and simple practices to feel powerful, alive and in love with life.




  • A guided journey into embodying the masculine archetypes.
  • We will be leaving our watches behind and diving into our hearts.
  • 4 Days, 3 nights accommodation (3pm Opening Thursday afternoon. 4pm closing Sunday afternoon)
  • Delicious meals each day
  • Shared accommodation
  • Meditation, breath-work, movement and yoga
  • Tools to harness and embody your archetypes when you leave.
  • A follow up zoom group check-in call.
  • A beautiful connection with nature in the Dorset countryside.
  • Daily hot tub
  • Daily ice baths
  • Infrared sauna
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Bath and hand towels are provided, we ask guests to provide their own pool towels.
  • All matts and bolsters provided.
  • Fire Pit


*Please note this a drug and alcohol free space.

LVL 1 - Boy to King - Discover the Masculine Archetypes. Feb 2024, Dorset.

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