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Join one of our global networks of men's circle.

We accommodate both the West and the East. Find a timezone that works for you. Build brotherhood and connection.


Are you ready to claim your power?

Do you feel stuck? Not living to your full potential?

In this 3 month personal journey we will guide you to take ownership of your life again and rise up to be seen.





An online journey into understanding the four masculine Archetypes - King, Warrior, Magician and Lover.

On this downloadable short course you are able to fully comprehend and integrate these masculine energies.

  • What do you struggle with as a man?


  • Do you feel heard?


  • Do you lack trust or fear other men?

  • Do you have a safe space to be seen and allowed to express?

  • Are you fed up of the superficial relating that often society creates?

  • Are you living to your full power, are you afraid of it?

Mateusz Górecki

"For me, the workshops & trainings with Alexander were incredible. A truly deepening experience, stretching my understanding of masculinity and transforming my life.

 Authenticity and vulnerability is definitely his domain"

James Marriott 

"Alexander’s commitment to personal development and for sharing his wisdom, love, time and experience with other men is truly commendable. He resonates passion for this work. You’d do well to sit with this man and learn with him"

Daniel Howard 

"Alexander does a brilliant job of creating a safe space and guiding the space. The result? A huge release, clarity on my path forward, new friendships made and true transformation. Thank You Alexander for this incredible journey"

  • Men... Do you find yourself wanting to express deeper emotions around your partner, friends and family but do not feel like you are able to do it without being judged or simply that they won’t understand you?


  • Do you have emotions that need venting but no safe space to do it?


  • Do you find yourself lacking connection? … Want to truly be seen without judgement?


  • Traditional masculinity *cough* … toxic masculinity doesn’t allow for open expression of emotion. And sadly to say it is the accepted way of relating to each other in the west. And if you’re reading this, most likely the Masculinity you grew up with. And the likelihood is that because the world is in its infancy, you still interact with this on a regular basis.

  • I believe we are shifting to a more harmonious masculinity as a planet. One, that is stronger by being authentic, vulnerable and open to emotion. This is what the Unmasked Man represents.

  • Brotherhood in the true sense, sharing, opening to our deepest wounds in a group setting and realising that the man opposite you actually shares the same fears. We offer you the opportunity to join one of our 6 week online Men's Circle our Facilitator Journeys. Gathering Men from all over the world, we will forge great friendships in truth, depth and realness.

  • There are no space for masks, just authenticity and realness.


What is the Unmasked Man?

The Unmasked Man Project is a coming together of men throughout the world to openly share and grow in their evolution of what it is to be a man.


It is a union, a bond and a brotherhood for men to make the journey from boyhood to king. 



Who am I?

My name is Alexander. I have sat with 100's of men all over the world helping them to unmask the man within. To shed light on the unconscious boy within themselves and to finally discover their true power they have hidden for too long.

I run in depth personal Facilitator trainings and hold mens circles globally.


You can find out more about me here.

Some of the greatest personal shifts and transformations I have experienced have been found in Men's work. 

Learning to show up, learning to be accountable, dissolving the old stereotype of what is is to be a man and exploring our shadow.


Our Online's Men Circles



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Starts Thursday 1st April

 7pm - 9.00pm GMT

6 Week Commitment - 8 men Total.


£99(per person)


Starts Friday 15th January

10am-12.00am GMT

6 Week Commitment - 8 men Total. 


£99(per person)

  • 6 Week Programmes

  • £99 per person

  • Meet each week on Zoom

  • 2 hrs sessions per week.

  • Commitment of 6 weeks required

  • Start Dates vary see here.

  • Application process required.

What you can expect from the 6 weeks? 


  • Redefine what true masculinity is through experience and sharing.

  • Forge bonds, friendships and brotherhood with Men all over the world.

  • Create a new and healthy direction in you life.

  • Create a deeper understanding of what it is to be a MAN.

  • Have a support network to help you show up and keep in your integrity.

  • Share your problems and feelings openly and realise you are not alone.

  • A safe space where Men can openly share and authentically connect to themselves and their emotions.

  • Helping us as Men, learn to grow, show up, keep in our integrity and stand accountable for our actions.

The 6 week circle's is limited to 8 spaces. If you are interested in applying for a space please fill out the questionnaire here.


  • The Circles are a total of 6 weeks. 

  • Sessions will last 2 hrs

  • Exact meetings times will be confirmed ahead of schedule for each circle.

  • This is about staying in accountability and showing up for the whole 6 weeks. 

Pricing for the 6 week course is £99

Join an online mens circle today

Matt Rehberg

"I have participated in Alexander's Men's Circle several times and I am always impressed. He makes sure that all men open up and feel good the first time they meet.


His empathy and leadership are incredible. I can only recommend everyone to participate in a Men's Circle."

Zen Kahlert

"Alexander is a great facilitator who truly practices what he teaches. Since doing a 6 week mens group I can truly say I have developed as a man and have become a better and more integrated version of myself. I have shed many layers and was seen and supported by a wonderful group of men. Not only did it highlight some of my strengths and shadows it held me accountable for what I would say and became the day in the week I would look forward to the most."

Jamie Wrate

'Alexander Cottle holds a beautiful, big-hearted and grounded space. Deeply rooted in authenticity and Alexander leads courageously by example.


Also a space of joy and lightness - wholeheartedly recommended!'

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